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Pregnancy Class

“Thank you so much for your care and support during my pregnancy. It was really appreciated especially as it seemed like a tough journey at times.”



Kerri Gerken Brunswick West November 29, 2015

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Hatha Yoga Classes

I’ve been going to Sue’s class for almost 2 years and love it. Sue is warm, welcoming and encouraging. She gently but precisely talks us through every move so even new poses are easily understood, very encouraging for beginners like me to keep coming back.

Jenny Lee Brunswick West November 29, 2015

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Hatha Yoga Classes

“I came to Wai Ying’s yoga class as a last resort. After trying numerous physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors my lower back problems had been stubbornly persisting and even getting worse. I couldn't put on shoes or socks in the mornings, I awoke many times in the night with pain and there was constant pain radiating down one leg which was beginning to effect the other leg. The amount of exercise I could do was slowly diminishing as my range of movement diminished. The worst thing was that no one seemed to know what was wrong, and it was depressing to see myself going downhill with no real hope in sight.

After my first class with Wai YIng I was  immediately hopeful. The pain was really no better at that point, but I felt like I'd been able to mobilise (oh so slightly) parts of my back which had been frozen for a long time.

Two years down the track and I'm still practicing. I haven't had radiating pain for ages and my back pain has all but disappeared. If I stop yoga for a long holiday my symptoms begin to re-appear so I know it is working. Yoga is the only thing which was able to get me back doing the activities I've enjoyed all my life. I run, swim, horse ride, fence and travel a lot doing these, and my garden is back to being tended properly.

It is also the little things which I can do again , and which make life generally more enjoyable. Like chasing a puppy who has stolen your sock, or picking up something which dropped to the ground and handing it back to a stranger. Just being able to act spontaneously and freely without thinking, "is it going to hurt?" is possibly the best part of being well again.

I think that sports people can un-wittingly develop in-balances in their bodies after years of high repetitions on specific exercises. Regular yoga practice can help you rebalance your body , help cure injuries and avoid others. Plus I like the relaxation part.”

Vici Wilks Fencing Coach & Pentathlon competitor Woodend November 29, 2015

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Yoga & Life

“One of the greatest aspects and benefits of the practices from Reconnect Yoga has been how to use the practices and postures in the everyday. From breathing techniques that help with difficult conversations at work, home or with sleeping to constantly thinking about my posture. Often I can make small tweaks to my body, incorporate breathing and this has enormous benefits to my physical and mental wellbeing. Having been a long term attender at Reconnect Yoga I am always surprised that each term has a new focus and I love hearing about yoga practices, philosophies and guiding principles. There is always an inclusive feel to coming to yoga in that the postures are really tailored to your individual body and ability as you truly do get the sense it is about the integrity of the posture. Reconnect Yoga offer many programs for our whole family from the wonderful and most beneficial ‘Restore and Re-new’ to yoga for teenagers. My son loves his yoga sessions and my daughter uses relaxation techniques to switch off and calm down at night.”

Tonya Slee Brunswick West November 29, 2015

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Hatha Yoga Classes

"I have been attending weekly classes with Wai Ying at Reconnect Yoga for over 4 years. I had never practised yoga prior to attending these classes and the passion for yoga Wai Ying exudes is infectious.

Classes are relaxed, fun, supportive and tailored to the individual and their own physical capabilities. When I had a tear in my Achilles, Wai Ying ensured that certain poses were supported or altered to prevent aggravation and re-injury.

Focus is on the breath and the integrity of each movement – not about how hard or how far you can push your body and you leave the class feeling great!”

Vanessa Salvatore Coburg November 29, 2015

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