Sue Scales

Sue spent many years practising Yoga and studying the ancient yogic texts, before completing teacher training at the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy in 2004.

Her classes are anchored in the classical heritage of Yoga, and influenced by the parallels found in contemporary psychological practices, particularly in regard to mind-body exploration and mindfulness.

Sue classes bring attention to using physical movement, and alignment with the breath, as a means of disciplining the mind. Her asana work includes both sequenced and held poses, which are designed to activate key energy centres and promote a heightened sense of well-being. In keeping with the principles of Hatha Yoga, her classes begin with centering and an intension for practice, and conclude with a restorative relaxation.

‘To an outside observer, Yoga appears to be all about the external look of the asana, when Yoga is actually about exploration and experience, through the internal feel of the asana.’

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