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Wai Ying Tham

Located in Brunswick West, Reconnect Yoga is the creation of Wai Ying Tham, a passionate yoga teacher and self-confessed ‘anatomy nerd’ who loves sharing the joy and wonder that yoga has brought to her life for more than 25 years.

Originally training as an industrial scientist and well on the path to completing a PhD, Wai Ying took a side step and instead began working in ethical investment. A diagnosis of breast cancer derailed some of her plans, but not her yoga practice.

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Sue Scales

Sue spent many years practising Yoga and studying the ancient yogic texts, before completing teacher training at the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy in 2004.

Her classes are anchored in the classical heritage of Yoga, and influenced by the parallels found in contemporary psychological practices, particularly in regard to mind-body exploration and mindfulness.

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Renee Willner

Renee’s long interest in how the mind, body and spirit interact, found its perfect expression in yoga, which she has practised for 15 years. As a teacher she takes a holistic and fun approach that allows individuals to find what they need in the practise, in a safe and supportive environment. Her interest began as a teenager, when she attended chanting and meditation sessions at Fitzroy ashram. After completing her BA in Performing Arts, her passion for movement, voice and breath- work expanded to other body-work including spa therapies, group fitness instruction, therapeutic and prenatal massage which she will be offering exclusively to students at Reconnect Yoga!


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Nicole Blyth

Nicole has been committed to her practice of yoga for 15 years and believes in yoga for every "body" at all stages along the lifespan. Nicole enjoys supporting students in their individual experience and inquiry of yoga and acknowledges the wisdom that each student carries within them. With warmth and care Nicole’s classes support a mindful practice which integrates body, mind and breath. A graduate of the Academy of Yoga Learning her mantra (not a sanskrit one!) is, "If you can breathe, you can practice yoga".

Nicole is also a social worker, mum, advocate for social justice and lover of all things Balkan! She's a cinema buff who loves spending time with her family, travelling and swimming in the sea.

Hannah Cartmel

Hannah was lucky enough to discover yoga nearly twenty years ago and has been teaching since 2013. As a qualified Vinyasa teacher with a background in Iyengar practice and dance and a love of Hanna Somatics, she combines different styles of movement in an engaging and joyful way while encouraging mindfulness and injury-prevention. 
Hannah is delighted to share the joy she finds in movement and meditation with people young and old in a relaxed environment. She firmly believes that yoga should be accessible and fun for all people and she encourages students to develop a yoga practice that suits their unique needs.

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Camilla Maling

Camilla has tongue in cheek when she calls herself an Embodiment Inquisitor. Sufficiently ambiguous, the title captures the curiosity in her work.

Human beings, being human, our multiplicity in daily life and education, and the investigation into an engaged and intelligent moving life, fascinate Camilla. Synthesizing over 25 years research & work in various movement practices, improvisation and sound design, Camilla facilitates movement-based educational experiences.

For therapeutic purposes, personal growth, professional development or simply intrigue, individuals and groups explore their understanding and awareness of themselves as integrated organisms. They literally grow their understanding of what and how they are and what this has to do with their environment and themselves in it.

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Kat Marcoux

A warm and engaging teacher, Kat has been teaching yoga since 2008 in Melbourne and Brisbane. She finds great joy in sharing this transformative practice that is yoga and in witnessing her students growing awareness of their body, breath and inner life, and feeling more vitally alive as a result of their practice.

Kat practices and teaches alignment-based vinyasa yoga classes. She enjoys the strength, spaciousness and aliveness that she experiences with this mindful and fluid practice.

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Kat Marcoux

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