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‘I am thankful and grateful to my teachers, husband, daughter, family and the community for supporting my creative expression of my truth, without your support I would still be dreaming. Peace and Namaste’ Carmen Ceniza As Sue Scales takes a well earned break and head towards warmer weather up North, The studio is very fortunate […]

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In the last couple of days there has been a lot of talk on sleep. Perhaps it coincides with the launch of Arianna Huffington’ new book Sleep Revolution. In a society where busi-ness is glorified to the expense of valuable beauty sleep, this is an important conversation to be had as we are becoming a […]

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How to BE as a Do-er.

Goodness gracious it is already almost the end of March, only now I have settled into 2016. From November last year till recently, life has been rather unsettled. From reasons of managing issues with the development of new website to business expansion opportunities to my oldest starting Year 11 with three Year 12 subjects, life […]

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What is an advanced yoga practice?

The above is question is one I get asked often. Not necessary in the same words but with the same curiosity. So what is an advance yoga practice? Let me start with what it IS NOT –  conversations about progression in yoga often revolve around physical poses. It is definitely NOT contorting your body into […]

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Hanna Somatics Movements

In these 4 classes reacquaint yourself with muscles of your body that, when held unconsciously (something we all do), contribute to chronic pain patterns. We usually assume that this is a NORMAL and INEVITABLE RESULT OF AGEING OR INJURY. Often, we are also told this by well meaning ones. Worse – we often believe them and […]

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