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The second arrow ……

In the past couple of weeks had the great privilege to do further professional development with my teacher, Judith Hanson Lassater in San Francisco. There training was in communication and therapeutic restorative yoga. This trip did present me with a few opportunities to put the main practice of responding and not reacting. Generally, it is […]

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10 years on……

In all honesty, this blog was meant to be written as my April blog. But for one reason or other it has been more difficult for me to write than I thought. The struggle came from trying to find a word that does not minimise the experience of anyone who has been through or is […]

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How I came home…..

The above phrase ‘come home’ is often use in the wellbeing circle. In all honesty, it did not mean much to me until 10 years ago. In the earlier part of my over 25 years of yoga practice, there had been glimpses of equanimity and bliss. There was not a sustaining sense of wellbeing. My […]

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E….aseeeeee into the festive season

There always seems to be a sense of urgency as we head towards the end of the year. There is the usual busi-ness and additional social engagements and end of year celebrations. Is that the case for you? Generally, my self care regime flies out the window in the effort to keep the show going. […]

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Five to six years after my first ever yoga class many many years ago, I was introduce to the 8 limbs of yoga practice based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Until then I was always under the impression that practice was about perfecting the way of having my nose touches my shins! Ok, this affirmed my […]

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I can think of nothing more empowering than to support Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) on the eve when the Australian govt is about to enter into a non-transparent arrangement with Cambodia to deal with the perceived problem of asylum seekers. ASRC is a non-government funded organisation that works at the coal face of assisting […]

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I sit here writing this post with blue sky outside and slight wind. There is a promise of hail and rain later today. What a great time time to write when winter is well and truly with us. It does really feel like a true Melbourne winter this year. I generally do like the colder […]

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