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Reconnect Yoga is a nurturing haven, away from the hustle, in Brunswick West.

Since opening its studio doors in 2013, Reconnect Yoga has grown into a soulful hub, providing supportive and accessible yoga and movement classes designed to suit the needs of every body.

Whether for the first time or the hundredth, we invite you to begin again, to reconnect with your core self, physically and emotionally, on the mat and in life.

We teach with a sense of fun and curiosity – blending nurturing practices, like a snug savasana, with laughter and a deep respect for each other and ourselves.

We’re committed to helping you take the benefits of your practice off the mat and into your everyday interactions with loved ones, colleagues and the community.


Yoga and somatics can create the space the body needs to heal and restore strength. With time, this practice creates space in the mind and a greater sense of calm within.

Each of our yoga classes combines elements of yoga breathing (pranayama), yoga postures (asana) and deep relaxation (savasana) techniques, to create more stability, ease and flow on the mat and in your day-to-day life.

Our teachers have experienced the benefits of yoga and movement first-hand, during all phases of fitness, health and flexibility. It’s why we offer a range of classes designed for different purposes, and a variety of teachers, workshops and events year round.

  Hatha yoga
  Therapuetic Yoga
  Pre & Post pregnancy yoga
  Kids yoga
  Restorative yoga
  Yoga nidra
  Pain-free Somatics

Our current week's timetable.


Our teachers comes from a myriad of background and practices. Reconnect Yoga teachers are well trained in their area of expertises and committed to continual professional development. Teachers all have underpinning values of:

  • providing a practice that is suited to your needs
  • making the practice relevant to your off the mat interactions.

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Restorative Yoga

" Restorative Yoga has become a regular personal practice for me after attending for many years with Wai Ying. The practice itself is very healing for my mind, body and spirit but it is the personal teaching of Wai Ying that keeps me coming back! Wai Ying's care and kindness towards the participants builds trust and comfort in the experience. Her passion, dedication and professionalism to the practice is inspiring. The practice is important to me in 'resetting' my inner balance from daily stressors. I leave every restorative class with a sense of calm, rejuvenation and an uplifted

Simone Sky Essendon November 29, 2015

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Hatha Yoga Classes

"I have been attending weekly classes with Wai Ying at Reconnect Yoga for over 4 years. I had never practised yoga prior to attending these classes and the passion for yoga Wai Ying exudes is infectious.

Classes are relaxed, fun, supportive and tailored to the individual and their own physical capabilities. When I had a tear in my Achilles, Wai Ying ensured that certain poses were supported or altered to prevent aggravation and re-injury.

Focus is on the breath and the integrity of each movement – not about how hard or how far you can push your body and you leave the class feeling great!”

Vanessa Salvatore Coburg November 29, 2015

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Gentle Pace Class

I was so calm and focused after my class with Kathryn on Monday night that when I went home, although relaxed, I was sufficiently energized and had the clarity of mind and concentration to work through a job I have been dreading and putting off for way too long! Whatever that magic is, it seems to help me!

Alexa Cloud Moreland West February 12, 2016

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