Savouring practice


Savouring is the practice of experiencing and then stepping away and appreciating an experience that we find pleasant. This practice reconnects us back into our place of quietude. The reflecting back of the experience intensifies and lengthens the positive emotions felt the body from the experience.

Here is a quick guide to step you through the savouring practice.

Step 1: Chose an experience that you find pleasant – Making a cup of tea, luxuriating in a shower etc.

Step 2: Fully open up to the experience with all your senses and stay present. Welcome in sounds, scenery, scent, textures, temperature etc.

Step 3: Note how the experience is landing in your body – notice the location, perhaps, warmth, softness etc.

Step 4: Step outside of the experience to review and appreciate it. This step can involve telling someone about it, Taking a photo of it, Writing about it in your journal.

These steps of truly savouring an experience will keep those positives juiciness flowing!

Don’t take my word for it try it 🙂

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