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There is definitely disappointment felt in the air this week with the news of a set back of the easing of restrictions. Most of us do understand why the decision is being made, however, it does not deny the frustration felt whether you have a business that is all set up to restart or feeling isolated with the thought of going back to partial lockdown (I am not only a resident of Moreland Council but also of Brunswick West and I am feeling it).

In last Sunday’s Reconnect Communi-TEA virtual gathering, it was also shared how tiring it has been in terms of decision making. Decisions are needing to be made on very routine activities. How is it that getting a haircut requires a risk assessment? When was it wearing mask is a political statement?

The reality is that this is something we are all going through our own way. Some of us feel frustrations, some feel anger, some of us feel anxiety and some feel disappointment. I would like to offer you a way to give yourself a Self-compassion break (based on the research of Kirsten Neff) whenever you sense frustration and agitation arising.

Self Compassion Break Reconnect Yoga

STEP 1: Note that anger, frustration, resentment etc is and experience of the present moment

STEP 2: Welcome the experience as a felt experience of the present moment – Notice its location in your body and its quality. You might even like to describe it – ‘ Ouch, that is pricky.’ Or ‘This is feeling tight.’

STEP 3: Welcome in the common humanity.- ‘Others people feel this way too.’,’I am not alone.’ – You can also use any gesture to physically sooth yourself like hand on heart, gently stroking etc.

STEP 4: Ask yourself: ‘ What do I need to hear right now to express kindness to myself?’ – Speak to yourself with the same level of kindness that you would to a dear friend that you are trying to comfort.

Let me know how you go by giving yourself a self-compassion break using these steps to reduce your stress load.

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