Reconnect Yoga Communi-TEA shone the spotlight on their resilience navigating these tricky and often uncertain and unsettling times.

Here are a few ways that the group tapped into the innate resilience that is within them:

Coming together as a unit – Having to work from home (WFH – I finally understood that acronym) in the confines of home has it challenges. By rounding the troops together and having honest and truthful conversations that we are all in the same situation, reminds us of our common humanity not only within a family unit but as a whole community.

Everything is a changing – The constant remembrance that nothing is permance or change is the only constant, helps to not get too invested into the uncertainty of the future ahead.

Celebrate little successes – Rather than getting caught up with all that is wrong, celebrating little wins are a great way to build the resilience muscle, for example, making time to acknowledge one’s agility and adaptativeness to a situation or even you are trying your best each moment!

Taking time to feel back into presence and grounding – During the day little and often feeling back into presence especially when sensations, feelings and emotions that creates contraction. Doing activities that is grounding like spending time in nature, garden or park.

Join us for this coming Reconnect Communi-TEA session on Suday at 5pm.

Stay well.

Let us thrive together.

Much love,

Wai Ying

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