How to BE as a Do-er.

Goodness gracious it is already almost the end of March, only now I have settled into 2016.
From November last year till recently, life has been rather unsettled. From reasons of managing issues with the development of new website to business expansion opportunities to my oldest starting Year 11 with three Year 12 subjects, life just seems very crazy, with major moments of overwhelm and the occasional yearning to toss it all away!

This was my most recent experience and I am sure it will not be my last.
What I did do differently this time was to keep a ‘journal’ of this shift that was happening in me. It was great way for me to reflect what kept me sane while going through this time of upheaval.

One big revelation for me is the I am a do-er!

be as a do-erYes, can you see the image of a ‘zen’ yoga teacher sitting on the mountain top in the lotus position going up in smoke!
I guess I have to be as it is impossible to manage a small business without being a do-er. The challenge for me is how not be carried away as a full time do-er or being do-er just in a very specific area of my life. For me it is the the answer of how to balance all the different aspects that makes me a whole person.
Reading through my ‘journal’ of the past few months have shown me some constants that always provide me with a sense of presence and clarity while life twist and bends me into different directions – some sense of harmony with what life present. I like to share this list of steps that was essential for me to continue to ‘Be’ (yes, Be with a capital B) while being a mega Do-er.
Step 1 – Sense of being
Access this by pausing at different times of the day to tap into the sense of being. The sense of being is an sense open spaciousness and connectedness that felt when default centre network of our brain is toned down. This allows one to response to life rather than reacting to it. It is that ‘Ahh… ‘ moment that you get when you finished a task and have some space before moving onto another task.
Step 2 – Seek Ground
Spent some time during the day to do an activity that provides a sense of ground. For me it is tending to my garden or cooking. For some it may be rolling around the ground.
Step 3 – Priortize Self-care
This is not the time to let go of your self-care practices. I am constantly reminding myself that it is as important as balancing the budget, doing that Facebook post, creating a flyer. You get the picture!
Step 4 – Go tech-free
Turn the external nervous system off for at least one afternoon or a day during the week. Allows me to be completely here.
Step 5 – Meaningful Connections
This is not the time to ear bash my friends with complaints but truly connecting. It is about connecting with individuals that I have an interdependent relationship that supports and nourishes both parties. It also the way I get a good dose of serotonin from a good belly laugh.
Step 6 – Go out into Nature
For me going out into nature, just brings on a strong sense of gratitude and wonderment. It provides me with great perspective.
Step 7 – Extended Self-care Session
I allocate an extended delicious long practice session every week to restore my energetic reservoir. Do not know how I can really do it without restorative yoga and meditation.
Step 8 – Retreat
This is the real circuit breaker for me. I retreat once to two times a year for one week to deeply nourish myself. After a retreat there is a real sense of perspective and clarity.

I do not think I will ever stop being a a do-er. Why should I as life has so much to offer. However, I find it important to ‘Be’ too, to fully appreciate what it has to offer.

I love to hear how you ‘Be’ as a do-er?

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