My car and habit busting……..

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Maria Robinson

I love the above quote by Maria Robinson. Like many of the quotes I tumble upon, they appear so relevant to that a present moment in my life.

Which way?

Yes, I have been on a bit of a path of change. This is one is on a rather gross level. I have decided to be more conscious of the use of my car as a mode of transport. Before you switch off, I am not about to preach to you about using less of your car. It is about something much more interesting.

In this last few days I have been on an enforced habit changing behavior with my mode of transport. For the last three days my car has been with the mechanic (and still is as I write to you). This resulted in an enforced habit change on how I get around. The pleasing thing about this enforced habit changing behavior is that I rediscover the joy of bicycle riding ( that was my main mode of transport until I got my driving license at 26 years old). It was so liberating not to have to look for a carpark and having the wind on my face.So liberating that I spend my first day cycling around Brunswick for 5 hours. It was invigorating (so my thighs tells me too!). So watch out those in my hood, there is a woman in her forties riding a 20 year old bike without lycra!

The experience has made me realized how much I unconsciously hop into my car to run errands. I guess this habit developed slowly, as my life demands changed (ie. ferrying kids around, getting a driver license, getting busy, over scheduling etc). Even though my inner-greenie would love to deny it, the car became my main mode of transport as it was the most convenience. Very soon the car became more like the number 1 choice of transport. It was “hop into the car whenever there is a need to head somewhere”.

Like I said,  this is not a preach about how to use less of your car but to have you consider what unconscious habits may have seeped into your life that has become the automatic choice by default.

Is the unconscious habit helpful or unhelpful? We all have less than helpful habits in action, thoughts, speech and how we relate to those close to us. Would you like to liberate yourself of those less helpful habits? That is the reflection.

This is another instance in my life when I am grateful for the reflective and habit busting practice of yoga. In my humble opinion, the whole practice is about changing our habits/patterns of movement, thoughts, speech and beliefs to more helpful ones!

Happy habit busting on the mat and off the mat!

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